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This is the official site [IMPORT MY CAR] of the trade export company GOSEI SOGYO CORPORATION.
We export used cars from Japan to a number of overseas countries such as New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Africa and others.
As we are especially strong in the Australian and the New Zealand market and cooperating with our local staff for support, please contact us if you wish reasonable and hassle-free import of Japanese vehicle.
To Africa, which we recently received many enquiries about, we do export to African countries, mainly to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Nigeria.

The cars we are exporting are used Japanese cars and European cars that have been used in Japan.

Main export destination

  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Australia
  • Southeast Asia (Malaysia)
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Jamaica
  • Africa
  • USA
  • Canada
  • England

We have many years of experience in exporting cars

GOSEI SOGYO CORPORATION was established in the 1977 and is one of the original car export companies.
Our contacts in Japan enable us to purchase at a lower price than many other exporters.
You only need to give us details of what you want and we will do the rest.

Local staff can help

We have staff in New Zealand who can help you with any questions you may have. Please use our service with confidence.

Overseas export of vehicles YOU HAVE “Agent Only Service” can be also arranged.
Just an example, export can be arranged by a shipping fee of (as low as) 70,000 yen and handling fee of (as low as) 110,000 yen per vehicle. (Tax inclusive)
※Shipping and handling fees vary depending on shipping country and vehicle size.

From one car to a hundred cars

No order is too big or too small.

We are able to purchase an individual unit or many units in a bulk deal.
We have access to ex lease vehicles and ex rental vehicles that are near new and have been well maintained and are in excellent condition.
We can talk to you directly by phone, skype or email and will be sure to fully understand your needs.

These are the steps that GOSEI SOGYO CORPORATION (Import My Car) will take to find the vehicle you want.

First you give us the details of the vehicle you want.

We search from 80,000 vehicles that are being offered in all auctions nationwide.

Then we report back to you with details of vehicles that are close to your request.
Because of the large number of vehicles offered we will soon find what you want.

Introducing the owner of GOSEI SOGYO CORPORATION

Mr Motoaki Hirayama has been in the export / import industry for over 30 years.

His company exports to a wide range of countries, including New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Africa.

He has had a lot of experience exporting used cars to New Zealand and has exported over 50,000 units in total.

He has also exported to the UK and Australia. His experience and knowledge will ensure all your needs are met.

List of companies that support GOSEI SOGYO CORPORATION

We have a good relationship with the companies listed below and this enables us to provide a very good service.

  • lexus


    LEXUS retailer in Hamilton

  • bayeuropean

    Bay European

    Leading European retailer in Napier

  • dolphinshipping

    Dolphin Shipping

    One of our shipping agents will be Dolphin Shipping New Zealand based Company

  • Toyota Auckland

    Toyota Auckland

    Top retailer for Toyota Brand in New Zealand

  • Andrew Simms Mitsubishi

    Andrew Simms Mitsubishi

    Biggest retailer for Mitsubishi Brand in New Zealand

  • chevronqualitycars


    Leading retailer in Christchurch NZ

  • hvsmotors


    Leading retailer in South Island NZ

  • autolinkcars


    Leading electric vehicles retailer in Auckland NZ

  • daiwalogistics


    Japan based Company

  • keihin-maritime


    Japan based Company

  • Armacup

    One of our shipping agents will be Armacup Express Car Lines.

    New Zealand based Company


    Odometer checking
    and MAF bio security services.

    Specialists in Pre-Shipment Inspections

  • PerformanceAutos

    Mike Kelly, Director
    30 years working with Moto/GOSEI

    New Zealand Pioneer Performance Car Retail Company


    Janssen warranties are available as an option once the vehicle is registered in New Zealand.

    New Zealand based Company

  • SBL

    Simon Beirne, Director
    30 years working with Moto/GOSEI

    New Zealand Pioneer Wholesale Company

  • VIA

    Vehicle Import Association from Japan

    Providing import support and advice


    Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association

    Establish order of fair trade in used model vehicles industry