Bidding & Terms

Import-my-Car will view each car prior to auction and personally advise on quality. We are your eyes in Japan.

From your agreed shortlist of vehicles, Import-MY-Car will view each car before auction and will discuss by phone anything they believe will affect your decision to purchase and advise on quality.

The quality of vehicle is purely assessed by Auction House Grading System.
We will also discuss the Auction House Grading System with you.

Standard pre-purchase inspections include

Interior condition: interior smell, smoke or cigarette damage, Interior electronics such as power windows etc.
Exterior condition: scratches, dents, paint and panel condition.
Mechanical: engine condition.

Due to volume and speed Japanese pre purchase inspections exclude

Road tests or full mechanical inspection.


Tyres and brake pads are not guaranteed in any way.

Click the button below to view an explanation of the Grading System.


Import-MY-Car will only bid to your predetermined value once you give verbal or electronic approval such as email or text.
An auction bid under your authority is a non retractable contract.

Unsuccessful Bids

Due to the large quantity and range of vehicles available at any given time if unsuccessful in the first auction Import-MY-Car will often move to the next on your pre-approved list until the desired vehicle is obtained.

Successful Bids

If your bid is successful you will be notified immediately of success and of the final costs. A successful bid requires payment of the balance owed within three days of notification.

Prior to any engagement to search, Import-MY-Car will discuss payment terms with you so you are fully aware of requirements post auction. These will include a request for a funds transfer of the full amount required to cover purchase.

Terms & Conditions

A deposit must be made to initiate search. 10% of your budget price or ¥ 200,000 in Japanese yen. This deposit is to be paid directly into a designated Japanese account – via telegraphic transfer through your bank after transferring into Yen. All bank charges must be paid by the sender.


A refund will only be given if a withdrawal from contract is advised BEFORE ANY FORMAL BIDDING on your behalf takes place. Once a bid has been made should the purchaser choose not to make full and final payment Import-MY-Car reserves the right to sell the car and recover fair and reasonable costs from purchaser through a third party debt collection service.


Import-MY-Car is not trading as a registered car yard. Therefore no claims can be made regarding the condition of vehicles that are over 30,000 kms or under grade 5 on the Auction Grading System. An explanation of grades are available below. Import-MY-Car will usually only bid on grade 5 vehicles unless specifically instructed by purchaser.

Privacy Policy

Private information will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to third party sources.
Import-MY-Car records are secure.