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TOYOTA RAIZE had been available for order but now it’s sold out due to high popularity.
Alternatively, we recommend Yaris Cross which is popular compact SUV in Japan!

Here for more about Yaris Cross

[Postscript added, 26th October 2021]

Hello! We are 五精総業[IMPORT MY CAR], a vehicle export agent service from purchase to export of Japanese vehicle!

Here, we are introducing a vehicle that are available for order now.

【Grade】Z 2WD

It is a ‘must-see’ for those looking for Japanese compact SUV.
Raize, No. 1 SUV seller in Japan 2020, is highly recommended! *sales from Apr 2020 to Mar 2021

Please feel free to talk to us if you are considering vehicle export.

Although we 五精総業[IMPORT MY CAR] are Japanese company, it is always smooth to have time to hear and discuss your request as we have local staff at overseas partner company.

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