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Hello! We are 五精総業[IMPORT MY CAR], offering a vehicle export agent service from purchase to export of used SUBARU!

Fourth generation of WRX new model made world premiere in United States of America.

Addition to comfortable ride with less vibration and shaking, the vehicle embraces latest Subaru Global Platform for the first time and becomes high performance sedan which enables enhanced quality driving.

SUBARU’s original driver assist technology ‘EyeSight’ is standard feature.

Advanced Driver Assist System, utilising satellite, GPS and accurate map data, supports comfortable and safety driving.

It is a disappointment to Japanese SUBARU enthusiasts about not being sold in Japan…

五精総業[IMPORT MY CAR] offers comprehensive export service including finding and purchasing your desired SUBARU WRX at used vehicle auction, then take export procedure to deliver to you.

If you are considering SUBARU import, please feel free to contact us

Although we 五精総業[IMPORT MY CAR] are Japanese company, it is always smooth to have time to hear and discuss your request as we have local staff at overseas partner company.

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